Thursday, August 7, 2014

Strawberry Lemonade

Is the name of this cute Dresden plate table mat!
Can you stand the cuteness?
I made it from the fabric collection called Sausalito Cottage by Holly Holderman
It is a gorgeous mix of florals and vintage seed packets~ I love it!
This little table mat will be for sale over at PFATT Marketplace on Monday morning.
The light pinks just reminded me of pink lemonade. I mixed them with some yellows from my stash and it just looks like summer to me!
So of course I had to mix up some strawberry lemonade to sip in the shade on the back porch!
I love to make lemonade from scratch in the summer. Here is my mix:
5 lemons, juiced
I do this by hand with a wooden lemon juicer. I squeeze them over a strainer into a bowl, this strains out the seeds and most of the pulp.
Pour lemon juice into pitcher and add 2 quarts water
Add 1 cup of organic cane sugar(you can use regular sugar if you like this is just what I use)
Stir well.
Wash lemon and cut into slices. Remove seeds and add to pitcher.
Cut caps off 5 strawberries and add to pitcher. Stir again.
Put ice in a glass, a lemon slice and a strawberry, pour and enjoy!
Let me know if you try it!
And on a side note, my daughter sent me a picture of baby Amy playing with the bear I made her! Isn't she a cutie!
(the baby AND the bear!)

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