Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My dream is coming true!

The town I live in has just approved backyard chickens!
I have wanted chickens for SO long now! My hubs and I have bought expensive organic and range free/cage free eggs form the grocery store; we have driven miles out to a local farm to get fresh eggs; but nothing will compare to having our own eggs right in our own yard!
I mean just look at those beautiful birds!
I have been obsessed with chickens for years-and I mean years!
I grew up in the suburbs, but my dad grew up on a farm. And as a little kid I hung on every word of the stories he would tell of farm life.
I have always been a farm girl trapped in suburbia!
Just look at those little sweeties!
Oh! I am in love!
Maybe you are not aware of this, but the backyard chicken movement has been growing all across America.
I think as Americans begin to look at the unbelievable unhealthy state of our food supply, the increase in obesity and heart disease, and the untold millions who are allergic to food additives; more and more people are taking control of what they eat. Farmers markets and co-ops are popping up all over, and  backyard chickens are becoming a movement!
Check out this site here for more information.
I will keep you all posted on our progress. For right now, we will be doing lots of research to get ready for the spring.
Do you keep chickens?

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Angie said...

Enjoy! Some of our neighborhoods have approved chickens but can't have the noisy rooster.