Monday, July 28, 2014

Basil Bear

I took some time Sunday morning to make a little bear for my one year old grand daughter, Amy.
He is called Basil Bear.
This is a little pattern that has been on my radar to try out for some time now. It is a free pattern from Nana Company.(I love everything she makes!)
I try very hard not to work on Sundays.
 And really, this was NOT work, it was so much fun to make. I really enjoyed every stitch. It was made slowly with all of the embroidery done by hand. Sundays are good days for "slow work". For me, projects like this are not work at all, but fun and therapeutic!
My hubs and I went to early morning mass, at 7:30AM.
So the rest of the day was just stretched out before me. It is a lovely feeling when you have so much time and no work obligations to gum it up!
I often think about how much God loves us by giving us the commandment to rest and keep holy the Sabbath day. He knows how much we need this time to rejuvenate.
 I know it is really popular these days to work, work, work.
But honestly, I have learned through the years that pushing yourself continuously can be bad for the soul. 
We all need time to rest, be alone with our thoughts, take time to smell the flowers, and refuel.
It is as essential to the human psyche as nutrition is to the human diet.
So whatever it is that you do to slow down and refuel, I hope you will find some time this week to do it. It is a wonderful way to go back to your work week with a fresh approach!

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Carrie P. said...

so cute! I like his nose.