Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Ornament Floss Toss

Here is my floss toss for the freebie Chrtistmas ornament. I want mine to look old, so I chose 35ct. straw linen (not sure of the maker, this was in my stash),  Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Weekes Dye works threads.
 Here are my selections:
DMC 349...GAST Antique Rose
 DMC 839................Weekes Bark
DMC 3052......GAST Evergreen
DMC 3774...........Weekes Mocha
DMC3827...............Weekes Gold
DMC ecru...GAST Roasted Marshmallow

Note that the conversion for DMC 3774, which is Desert Sand vy lt, I changed to a much darker mocha color. Otherwise it is basically ecru next to ecru! I often get into this trouble when designing because my program monitor does not show the DMC colors true. Hope this doesn;t cause anyone fits, just consider yourself a model stitcher! LOL!



Nicola said...

I love the colour of your chosen linen and the threads too.

barbara said...

LOVE those colors!!!

Hey, two jolly snowmen showed up at my house last night!! Love them - they are SO CUTE!!!

Jean(ie) said...

I *adore* your color palette! It's perfect!!!!!!

WDW makes such beautiful thread! I'm a huge thread geek. Just bought 5 spools of their pearl cotton. Yummy times twelve!

Your sample will be gorgeous!