Friday, November 9, 2012

All Hearts progress

Here is my progress on the freebie ornament(see post below). I love the Gentle Art sampler threads so much. I'm sorry the pic is dark,  I took it at night.
It was under my lamp too, so it has sort of a yellow-y cast. I will get a better pic of the finished piece..

I have sold Louisa. She was on TDIPT last month. The buyer asked me to add hair all the way to the back in case she wanted to display her with her bonnet off. I love the way she turned out!
A lot of times if the bonnet is sewn on, I only put hair in the front where you can see it. But I like the way she looks, don't you?



Jean(ie) said...

Louisa is beautiful!

Danice said...

Yes, Louisa is very pretty. I just love dolls!

barbara said...

Louisa is indeed beautiful, Annie. Love your stitching, too!