Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here is the blue vase with a glaze over it. 
It looks better, right?
Due to my daughters upcoming wedding, I haven't had a chance to get back to oils since I did this one. When she moves out I will have my own studio! Yay! And then I will be able to really delve into the oils!
So back to the watercolors.
Here is a landscape where I tried different colors over a wash of manganese blue.
And here I was just playing with made-up flowers, trying to get a good mix. This is raw sienna and indigo blue. I used a little bit of windsor yellow over indigo for the leaves.
Here is some more fruit. I started this one in June and just finished it the other day. It pretty much sat idle most of the summer until I finally came back to it. I like the lettering. I just bought a new script liner brush so I want to try the lettering again using a proper brush this time.

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Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Hello Anne,

Your art is beautiful. I love it.

x0x0 Faye