Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bad hair day

Here is Alice. She is a small cabinet sized doll, about 15 inches. That is small for me, I usually make dolls in the 20 to 30 inch range. I painted her in oils, which I love. I hope to do a lot more oil painted dolls this winter.
The problem with Alice is I used tibetan lambswool for her hair. Now it is huge and unruly, and I don't know what to do with it, It looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket!
This photo shows the fabric I will be using for her dress. She will be the classic Alice in Wonderland, but what to do about 
Here she is full size. But do you see that hair? I have tried tying it back like the classic Alice, but it just pops out all over! Maybe once I have her dressed something will come to me. Or maybe she will just be 
Alice of the Unruly Hair!


Mary Ann said...

Could you pull it back and put a big blue bow in her hair to anchor it? I recently made a doll using mohair and I found it very hard to use too.

anniebeez said...

Yes that is what I think I am going to try to do. Its just so poofy!

Annie said...

Love that face. I actually like the wild, wild hair. I think she's channeling Diana Ross from the 80's.!

Poet Whale said...

I love the hair the way it is. Wearing an Autumn color dress, she's right into the Halloween and Fall harvest. Lovely doll

Nicole said...

You could always braid it.