Thursday, June 7, 2012

My palette

I got my new palette from Cheap Joes yesterday, and spent all morning setting it up and painting a picture of it. I put this painting in the scanner and it is just coming out so bright, it really looks better in real life. Maybe I should take a picture instead of using the scanner.
 this is the way I have set up my palette for now. A lot of my colors are Koi and Cotman, and I would eventually like to replace them with Windsor Newton. Some of them are just not as transparent as WN.
I need to add a violet next, so I don't always have to mix it.
I love my new palette and I am learning so much about color mixing from this book:

It really explains everything so clearly.

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Introverted Art said...

I need a color wheel :) Your palette looks luscious. I really like it.