Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm taking an online workshop for Art Journaling

It is called 21 Secrets and it is super fun!
 There are 21 different artists who share their techniques with videos and PDF's. The whole workshop costs $59 and is available until the end of 2012. 
I think that's a pretty good value for the $. 

Of course I immediately gravitated to the workshop given by Jane Davenport, as I am totally smitten with her work, and she uses a lot of the supplies I am totally in love with. I have also previously taken a mini-workshop with Jane called Draw Happy-which
I totally loved and found inspirational.
that is one of the things that has been occupying my time lately, in between plans for my newest doll projects. Here is a little peak at some of the workshop work(play) I have done:
 On another note, 
thank you so much to all who participated in my poll. It will really help me to get a better idea of the techniques dollmakers would like to learn.

So thanks!

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Martha Lever said...

Hi Annie! You did a great job with drawing your girls from Jane's class. Thanks for coming by my blog. I shall return!