Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to own up

If I seem to have disappeared from blogland, it is only because I have fallen into another painting jag. This seems to happen to me about every 18 months or so. I just feel the need to get out of crafty and into some fine art. I haven't been sewing, quilting, making dolls, doing any type of needlework, or anything. But I have been painting and drawing, rediscovering a lot of my old art supplies, and discovering a LOT of new ones!
Last time this happened I created this:

And this:
And way back I was creating things like this:
And now I am doing both; exploring mixed media, and drawing portraits. 
And also art journaling, zentangling,  lettering, and just plain painting!

So that is where I've been! Happily creating art!


barbara said...

Wow, Annie! I love your painting!!

Jan Conwell said...

I think creative people have to switch gears once in a while to let one aspect of their creativity rest and recharge while another grows and explores. Funny--I got into a painting thing this last weekend--more painting things like little boxes, etc., but still, I was ignoring the doll making chores because they had begun to feel like...chores!

Your painting is beautiful.

Deb said...

I just love all your painting Annie. I can see why you got caught up in it. I love the bird and the girl holding the bird.

I used to oil paint years ago - actually took classes in it but haven't to in years. You've kind of made me wonder where all my supplies are!

Marti said...

Great art. I sometimes have to just devote myself to art, also. Have a creative day.

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

Wow, Annie! Love your portraits. And your journaling and zentangling impresses me to no end! You've got talent, so go for it!

beyondtheday said...

Wow! I love the creative flow across your pages and style of art, it's so cute. I've fallen out of touch with my artwork a little recently, and this really inspires me to get back into it.

Keep it up ♥ xx