Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drawing for doll goodies

Hey! I just realized some of the people replying to the drawing don't have a blog, so can you all leave your email address? That way if your name is drawn I will be able to contact you!

This is my fashion doll I am making with Gail Wilson's online class. She is wearing a onesie-camisole and pantalets all in one piece. Cool huh? AND, the lace on the sleeves is actually crocheted right on there, using regular sewing thread. I love it! Now on to the clothes!


Christine said...

Your new Bog is great!!! Have several of your patterns and hope to get to them one day!!! I am blog-less, but enjoy so many great one out there!
Christine Rohloff

Nina Mason said...

I find Gail Wilson dolls overly complicated to make -- but that's just me. The kits are nice, I'll admit. Your doll is gorgeous. Can't wait to see progress pictures. Congrats on the new blog. I've just changed the url for your blog on my blog.


Polywoggle said...

I love your dolls. The punkin head is adorable. the colors are fab! And your little painted emma gorgeous. is she your own pattern?