Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art Journal

I recently got this really cool book called Art Escapes. It is a book about keeping an art journal and trying to work in it every day. The idea is to keep your self fresh and having fun, and to record new ideas etc. You are supposed to do it just for yourself and without the intent to show it to anyone.
The lady who wrote the book is mostly a watercolorist. Perusing through her pages I was really inspired to get out my watercolors. Now I have virtually no experience with watercolors, but being the extreme art stasher that I am, of course I have a watercolor set tucked away somewhere. It was in the basement.

So I pulled it out. (Oh and by the way, I also have a gorgeous hardcover watercolor journal just sitting around here too. If hubby only knew!) I intended to just play around a little bit, but instead got carried away, and well, it turns out that this watercolor is all I am getting done today! The kids will be home in about an hour and its time to figure out dinner. I don't think spending all day on one "doodle" was the intention of the art journal. But man I had fun! :)

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Sandy Mastroni said...

I LIKE this Annie !
Keep painting , keep having fun !