Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sampler Garden completed!

I can't believe I finally finished something! Its a stitching miracle! LOL!
This is the Eileen Bennet class piece from the workshop I took from her on St. Patty's day. I loved every stitch of this piece! All the specialty sampler stitches were so much fun. I don't think I would have been as successful with the colonial knots if I had not seen them demonstrated. They were a little tricky. LOVE this piece!!
This has really awakened in me my love of intricate stitches. I've been doing a lot of pieces lately that are strictly cross stitch. I think I will definitely be adding some more projects with interesting stitches in them.


Kaliedra said...

It turned out fabulous! Congratulations on your finish :)

Senorita Stitches said...

Wow, that was fast! I love her samplers. So interesting to stitch with all the specialty stitches isn't it? Fun. Fun.