Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tea party

Here are a bunch of dolls I have lately completed. From left to right is: Gail Wilsons Hitty, Gail Wilsons Early American doll and her little doll, EFA little girl doll, EFA baby doll. The wicker furniture my big sister bought for me when I was a little girl at a toy shop. There are actually 4 pieces(another chair not shown) and I remember it was $12. ! The tea set was my mothers when she was a little girl in the 1930's. It is quite chipped and cracked and the sugar bowl lid is missing and one tea cup doesn't match! But doesn't that make it all the more DEAR!

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Bettsi said...

Cute display! I covet your wicker set. I have a Madeline tea set and would love to create my own tea party. What fun!