Thursday, October 20, 2005

EFA dolls

The first EFA doll I have recently made was the Baby doll. Her pattern is found in the "Dolls to Make for Fun or Profit" book, by Edith Flack Ackley, published in 1938. I love this book! Ediths positive attitude and enthusiastic writing style, as well as her practical humor just make it so charming!

I am not totally happy with the costume. The collar is too bulky, and her shoes turned out awful! I would like to make her some new shoes out of leather.Her dress is completely handsewn, and I always have trouble with bulk when I sew by hand. I think the seams just aren't as crisp so it is hard to get a sharp edge, even after pressing. I actually made this doll body, face and hair some time ago, when I first discovered EFA and her charming dolls. I was into using vintage materials then, and I did her face in vintage darning thread-which as you can imagine is quite thick. I had to redo some of the face with floss-it was just too harsh.

If you were able to examine my little decorative herringbone stitch you would see that some of it is very fine and some is slightly wider! Not exactly what I was going for, but practice makes perfect! hehe!

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Bettsi said...

I was going to say that her shoes were my favorite part! I think she's darling, Annie! Welcome to the wide world of blogging! I'm so glad you are here!