Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Some Stitchy Progress

I started this one in January, and I have just stalled on it for so long. I put a few more stitches in it the other day. I really want to finish it because I have the Autumn ABC's and the Summer ABCs to do. I would eventually like to finish the whole series and be able to change them out Priscilla-style!

Here is my progress:
So I'm getting there!

I did finish Sampler Hill and I LOVE IT!
Sampler Hill by With Thy Needle and Thread

Isn't it beautiful! I haven't framed it yet but I will! I cant wait to have this hanging on my wall!

I also finished some little patriotic pieces:

America- a freebie by Glory Bee!

A little flag scissors keep that was a class with my local EGA group. Isn't it cute? It is all done in specialty stitches.
And I finished Bless Our Home, which was a stitch-along(SAL) with Priscilla and Chelsea!

Bless Our Home by Country Cottage Needleworks

Here is a pic of my meager little patriotic display:

In other news...
We attended a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law Emily. Im so excited for Lucas! They will be getting married in Milwaukee in September!Wow! I can't believe 3 of my kids will be married now! 
Here is a pic of my DIL Anneliese with baby Coco, and my soon to be DIL Emily!

Aren't they beautiful! And 2 of the sweetest girls that were ever seen! I am very blessed to have these 2 beautiful new daughters in my fold!

We also had a beautiful baptism for baby Corinne!
What a blessing! She wore a family heirloom christening gown that Anna and her sister Katrina both wore-how sweet is that!
Here are my girls:
And Anneliese's sister Katrina was the Godmother!
It was a wonderful day!

And finally, here is a pic of my new releases:
I will be adding a detailed post about the Autumn Sheltering Tree very soon.
Thanks for reading my post if you have made it this far!

Happy stitching!


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