Monday, June 18, 2018

Good morning!
After starting 7 new projects in May for Stitch Maynia, like a lot of others I decided to become a manogamous stitcher in
I have worked on Sampler Hill by Brenda Gervais (With Thy Needle and Thread). I am just loving this!

I am using the called for colors, and as some have noted when I shared on Instagram, it doesnt look anything like the picture. The colors are very pale/pastel and vintage looking. I absolutyely love it!

It took me a while to get through the hill, but not as long as I actually thought it would. 
(excuse the wrinkles!)

As I continue on, I am working on the right side border, and then I will just have the right side motifs to do and I will be done!

I really love this piece and cant wait to get it up on my wall!

To see my Stitch Maynia choices and a close up of some models go here:

As the summer presses on, I am busy working on my Fall releases. Right now I feel like they will never come together, as it seems I am not satisfied with any of the models and keep pulling out colors and putting in new ones. I will get it right, but it is just a little frustrating and requires a lot of patience! 

I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far. We have been hit with a plus 90 degrees heatwave, but that does work well for staying indoors in the air conditioning and stitching!


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