Friday, December 16, 2016

Naughty Stitching

Happy happy joy joy!
 Happy happy joy!

My release of the Pins and Needles pattern has been an astounding success! Wow! I never could have dreamed!
I mean guys,
 I just casually pulled out my languishing cross stitch last September, in order to make a Christmas stocking for my newest granddaughter Hideko; and I found this completed cross stitch piece that was made for the market!
 I had never published it.
So I thought, what the hey!
 May as well finish the charting and put it in my Etsy shop as a PDF, right?
So I did.

 And then I shared it on Instagram, and you guys liked it! I mean really liked it!
(When I was designing cross stitch before, there was no instagram, so, no way to see instant market reaction, and not a lot of seeing what people are actually stitching, unless they were sharing it on a blog.)

And then I thought, may as well send it to my distributor (whom I haven't been in contact with in almost 3 years), and guess what happened? They placed a huge order!
And now I have reprinted 3 more times!
So exciting!

So thank you! thank you! thank you!!

So what is naughty stitching?
Well its all the wonderful designs by my favorite designers that I want to stitch!
But, I need be stitching my own designs for the marketplace!
And you know how long cross stitch takes!
So pretty much everytime you see me posting on Instagram any stitching that I have not designed, for me, it is naughty stitching!!
Like this:
My instagram handle:

And this:

And sadly, this:

So I have used the "mom" card, and recruited 2 of my children to help me stitch models in 2017.
My 2 daughters Isabel and Chelsea and Chelseas beautiful babies, Hideko and Amy

Neither of them are cross-stitchers, yet! But oh boy! Do I have news for them!
After all, I gave them life, right!?

And as Lorelia Gilmore says:"Some would liken giving birth to the most rewarding experience in life, but I would say it was more like doing the splits on a case of dynamite!"
Ha! Ha! Ha!

So, they owe me!
Big time!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, however you celebrate it!
See ya in the new year with some great new designs!


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