Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Chart!

My Pins and Needles chart is shipping to Hoffman Distributors as we speak and should be arriving in stores some time next week.

 It feels great to have a new design on the market. I am currently working on another pin cushion pattern, and then I will hunker down and do some Christmas stitching for my family.
 I have Hide's (pronounced Hee-day) stocking to finish and a couple of ornaments for my 2 granddaughters. 
Here is my progress on the stocking:

My son was married last Saturday and I am still pinching myself! They are young, both 24, but they have been together for 7 years, all through high school and even separate colleges. They have shown a great deal of maturity and restraint,
I am very proud of them both! Here is a picture from their beautiful day:
Aidan and Anneliese Belcher
And here is the sweetest picture I have to share. This is the grooms first look at the bride, and everyone around them is trying to hold it together. The two priests are trying not to laugh and my 2 other sons are smiling!! Everyone in this picture is part of our close community and we have all been through a lot together, so this is very precious to me! 

Isn't this just how every bride wants her groom to react!

Have a great week!

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BeeStitched said...

Priceless! Congratulations to all!