Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Painting with Oils

I have always said that oils were my favorite medium.

Yet I have used them sparingly over the years.
I learned oils from the master portrait doll painter Susan Fosnot. I am lucky enough to live near her and have taken several workshops from her. 
Here is one of Susan's beautiful dolls from the workshops

But that was years ago when I was still in the midst of raising children. So the oil paints would come out, but they never stayed out.
Doll I made in Fosnot workshop

But things are different now and I have suddenly realized that I CAN delve into oils for as long as I want! I have the space and the time to really explore this medium the way I have always longed to.
 So to get started I am painting a folk doll, just as I learned long ago. I'm rusty, but its coming back.
New doll~brushing up on my skills

 I plan to go to Walmart and get some small panels today, and then I am going to embark on Carol Marine's challenge of painting a small painting DAILY!
 The idea here is that to really become a good painter you need to clock 10,000 hours or 1,000 paintings. So I am going for it!

I read Carol Marine's book while I was on vacation -I loved it and highly recommend it.

As soon as I can get all of my supplies together I am going for it!
Wish me luck!

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