Friday, February 27, 2015

Queene of Hearts and update!

Its almost time for some new folk art and I haven't even had a chance to post a pic of my last doll,
Queene of Hearts!
She is sold but I thought you might enjoy some pictures:

Still for sale are my collage hearts. These are great little bowl fillers all year round and they each feature a loving little word. I love filling my home with things that make me smile at a glance, don't you?

For sale at PFATT Marketplace until March 10.

I have been SO remiss in updating my blog. I will try to do better.
Mostly I have been painting like a crazy woman! I am absolutely obsessed with mixed media painting-mostly girls. I have always loved doing faces, I'm sure that is a big part of what attracted me to dollmaking so many years ago. I find that painting has informed my dollmaking in a very  satisfying way. My doll faces are becoming more vibrant, which I am loving.
 With painting, I also am able to explore color in a really exciting way. As the years went on I found I was unable to limit myself to the primitive palette. 
Don't get me wrong,
 I have always loved primitives,and still do.
 But as an artist I eventually found them limiting.
What is man but a being who must change and grow, right?

If you would like to see my paintings and whats going on in my studio follow me on Instagram. I post almost every day!

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Hugs to you and stay warm, spring is right around the corner!!

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Phyllis Oller said...

I have made many dolls from your patterns, thought I`d stop buy as I stumbled here looking at something else, you are so talented! Phyllis