Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened...

on the way through this artful journey.
 I had pretty much set aside painting, since spending all of my time doing so was NOT paying off.
 I have not been able to market my paintings much at all,
 and after all, I have bills to pay.
 So I went back to publishing craft patterns, mostly sewing, and making primitive dolls.
Then out of the blue came a quiet little convo on my Etsy shop. A local shop owner had seen my work on there and loved it! She wanted to carry my paintings on consignment in her shop. And she pays well!! 
I eagerly took all of my work in to her shop, and there they all are.
 All of my paintings, cards and even a pumpkin head (which I threw in for good measure! LOL!)
So this has given me the excuse to pull out all of my art journal supplies and splash around! The water seems a little warmer and there is a faint little stripe of "hope" on the horizon!
Maybe something will sell.
We'll see.

This is called White Winter

And my beloved whimsy characters!

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