Friday, July 18, 2014

Colorado Vacation

Hello All!
 I have actually been back for some time now, but I have been having a really hard time getting back into the swing of things!
But just so you all don't forget me completely
 I decided to share some vacation photos with you.
I know...
Well hopefully not, but bear with me as I try to get back into
"the groove"!!
A hilltop outside of Denver.

These are the beautiful cliff dwellings located at Mesa Verde National Park.
This is a trail in Mesa Verde-one of the coolest hiking trails I have ever been on!
This is a castle rock located in either Colorado or New Mexico (I can't remember which!) in the Four Corners region.
After getting back I have been so tired! We did A LOT of driving this time, stopping in Kansas to visit a college for Isabel on the way back to Chicago. I've been very slow to get back to work, but I did do a little baking!
I made an apple crisp from some fresh organic apples...yum!
What have you been doing with your summer?

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Cindy's Stitching said...

Some really pretty pictures. You will get back in the swing of things. Apple crisp looks so good.