Monday, January 6, 2014

Not Back to My Routine!

My studio is a mess!
It is -17 degrees outside!
This should have been the first day back to school after Christmas break, but my teen is home, all the schools are closed, and I'm going nowhere!
Good day to work, right?
 Its already 10:15 and I'm having a little trouble getting into the groove.
 My studio is freezing.
 Even with a space heater, my legs are so cold!
My Christmas dec's are still up. Its bugging me.
I bought all kinds of goodies to make vegetable stock-they are calling me!
I bought some organic chickens yesterday to roast in my new cast iron roaster that I got for Christmas-also calling me!
But I have a deadline!!!
Focus! Focus!

I have a new doll completed for PFATT Marketplace on Friday.
 I am working on some primitive heart bowl fillers.
And I REALLY want to drag out my rug hooking frame and wool, and do some hookin'!
Doesn't that sound cozy?
Scatterbrain! That is where I am on this Monday morning!
Where are you?

1 comment:

Jan Conwell said...

Today was chore day for creativity allowed. Laundry, dishes, mail run, groceries, dog-bath, etc. etc. etc. Tomorrow...I'll work on dolls. :~)