Friday, January 3, 2014

Hope Everyone Had a Happy Happy!

I had a lovely New Year at my daughters house playing board games with the family. Hope yours was just as fun!
I'm getting ready to send this doll out to a customer.

 My teen daughter's basketball team won their tournament-so that was really fun! Its always fun to be the team that dominates!
  Yesterday my niece came to visit. She has been living in St. Petersburg Russia for the last year,  teaching English. She told us about all of her travels around Europe. It was fascinating to listen to, and of course has inspired my wanderlust!
Photo I took last June in beautiful Burano Italy
 I really want to go to Croatia in the next year or so!

Ah! One can dream!


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Jan Conwell said...

Lovely doll, Annie. Croatia? Dream away, girl!