Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the Work Table

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had the Christmas Eve party at my house this year, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All but 1 of my kids are now over 21, so we had yummy White Russians made by Aidan. He works in a bar at college, and has the scoop on all kinds of drinks. Glad to know he's really getting that American college experience! LOL!
Lucas just graduated from Marquette University on December 12th, we are so proud of him. He now holds a BA in Computer Engineering and has been hired into a small company in Milwaukee.

This was our first Christmas with our beloved first grand daughter Amy.
The family is growing and expanding and it is a wonderful feeling to have them all home for the holidays.

The rest of the week I spent traveling back and forth to Isabel's basketball tournament which was about an hour away. She is a freshman this year but was asked to play in this JV tournament, so that was quite an honor. Especially as she is still working her way back from the ACL tear. No problems with the knee so far, so we thank God for that.

Isabel getting stretched before the game

Isabel(#2) abd her best friend Emily during the game

And whenever I can squeeze in a little time I am working on dolls and a new pattern I want to release in January.
Busy, busy, busy, and happy, happy, happy!!

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Jan Conwell said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and HAVE a lovely family, Annie. Ours is scattered all over, so we must visit online and by phone, but they are precious to us. Looking forward to seeing the new dolls you're working on!