Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting in the dollmaking mood again!

Well never say never. that got to be my motto!
After not making a doll in over 6 months, my muse seems to be back and I am in the mood once again.
After taking the entire Summer and most of the Fall to adjust to being a new Gramma (still so weird to say!),
 focus on painting,
and running around to my various prayer groups,
 I am ready to jump back in with both feet!
Faustina SOLD!
Aren't they great!
So I created and new Angel for PFATT Marketplace,
 and named her after one of my all time favorite saints:
I enjoyed making her and trying my new favorite art supply:
Neocolor II's
 to do her face.
They are a water soluable artists crayon,
 and I love them.
I use them all the time for my mixed media painted portraits.
Anyhow, with my new venue at PFATT, I am deadline driven again!
 And I am beginning some new dolls for December!


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, she's wonderful! Sigh.

Vickie said...

Oh I picked up on her name right away Annie. How lovely she is!!