Sunday, October 20, 2013

The struggle against busy-ness

We are all so busy, I know. I am not unique here. But I have struggled this month with having ANY time to get into the studio at all. And I miss it! 
But I have lately tried to be more committed to spending time with my mother (who is 87), and trying to be available to my daughter, who's baby is just 3 months old. 
And my last kid at home, who is a freshman in high school. I have spent more time with her than I did with my other 3 when they were in high school. I think because she is my last and I really want to savor this time. I know how fast high school goes, and how much they grow up and away from you with every year. Of course its exciting to see her grow and head toward adulthood, but I also know what comes at the end. 
She will fly from the nest.
And as much as I encourage that, it breaks my heart as well. An empty nest is a lonely existence...

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