Saturday, September 7, 2013

Really productive week

  Even though Monday was a holiday, and I only had 4 days to work this week, it was a really productive week. I began the Magical Mythical Makings workshop on Monday. I decided to take this workshop for 2 reasons. First, it explored different substrates, canvas, watercolor paper, wood, and fabric. This is something I have struggled with.

 For example, I wanted to put my Mermaids Together painting on canvas but when I tried to use the brayer  it was so bouncy it just wasn't working for me. So I switched to watercolor paper and now I have the problem of presentation. How do I display it without the huge expense if framing?

(Incidentally I realized when working along on canvas in the class that brayering was no problem when the canvas was up on the easel. Before I was working flat and it was a big bouncy problem!)  

  The second reason I chose this class is because it is structured around the work of 4 master artists. And 3 of them I have already loved!! I admit I was only vaguely familiar with Gustav Klimt, but now that I have encountered him I am definitely a fan of his decorative style. It meshes perfectly with collage.  I'm not particularly drawn to his body if work, there is something synical and objectifying in his depiction if women. 
( I mean look at this depiction of Adam and Eve. Adam looks so totally in love and Eve looks like a conniving bitch who is just wearing Adam like an adornment. Like she can't wait to sin-meaning in her collaboration with the devil-and Adam is just innocently riding on her coat tails. I find this annoying and it is thick with a contempt for women. Not to mention a complete misinterpretation of the theology of the Adam and Eve story)
  But I digress!
That being said I am always happy to encounter any artist and see what makes them tick. It is a fascinating study for me. 

  But ah! Mucha- one of my lifelong favorites! Now here is a  man who encounters the female form and expresses its beauty! I have loved his style for so long! The true bohemian!

  And my beloved Chagall! How I love thee! A man who knows the true heart of whimsy! I adore his loving energetic and childlike view of the world! Here is a man who knows no guile!(to quote Jesus no less). I love the purity of Chagalls paintings, the unbridled joy in many of them. They make me happy!

And Brian Froud, what can I say. I cannot wait until the week that focuses on him. The very first real work of art I ever completed, way back in high school was based on his work. I wonder what ever happened to it, it was cool. Just think of
the impact his imagination, along with Alan Lee( another of my ultimate art heroes) has had on our modern culture. From the fantasy world of books and movies to the ultimate epic Lord of the Rings movies, these guys have shown us what the fairy world looks like! It is common knowledge now! We all accept orcs and fairy-men and hobbits and the like. Mermaids and Fae creatures, witches and magical things that roam the forest. Perfect!

So this has been a fun class so far and right up my alley. I created a Klimt style  girl in 2 days and I love her. The style has really got me thinking and I have begun another painting in the same style. My Klimt piece just followed right along with what Tam was doing, but I learned so much doing it that way. I was not inspired to make a " Goddess", as the class did. I don't really connect to Goddesses, being a devout Christian. But as just a woman I think it is very effective. 
   Now I am working on a Klimt style painting of 3 mermaids on canvas.  I'm really excited about it as it is an ambitious composition. I have learned so much already about composition, tension points, even how to construct full size figures and keep them in proportion. I feel like its all starting to click together in my head and I finally have all the tools(or techniques) that I need to create the paintings I have desired to create my whole life.  And I know it is a gift from God, as I have prayed for it, and invoked my patron saint for intersession as well and for that I am SO greatful! Thank you Saint Luke, patron saint of artists!

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