Friday, August 30, 2013

Working with Willowing

I have spent the last week working through the Whimsie class given by Tamara Laporte. I have learned so much! Things seem to be clicking in my head-a wonderful feeling! It's been a long time since I have had that feeling. But I can see a path forward with my art, which is kind of a relief. It's so hard to be floundering around. I know it is necessary, especially when you are learning new techniques or going down a new artistic road. There is a process of experimentation that can be at once exhilarating but also frustrating when results are not living up to expectation. 

But alas, after plodding through I have found a path that I want to explore. I love mixed media but I also enjoy a whimsical side to it. I love doing the whimsie characters, but I also love more classical portraiture and I think I want to work toward striking a balance between the two. 

I am still experimenting with substrates. I love working on watercolor paper, but I also love gallery wrapped canvas. I need to find a substrate that is both! I want to try mixed media board, maybe that will be the thing. 

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Lisa Scott said...

Beautiful! I am loving your work!