Thursday, July 18, 2013

No time for painting...

I just got started on a portrait with my inspiration being one of the sybils in the Sistene chapel. When I was there is June, I just stared and stared at her. I love the strength of her face and her expression.
Something that is hard and new to me. Most of my portraits just have a demure expression, as I have always just concentrated on getting the features right. I guess that comes from being a doll artist and painting faces to just be basic.No particular expression.

This sybil, she has been studying her texts and charts, but her attention is called away for a moment as she senses the presence of God.
I feel this is so pertinent to our times.
Many are seeking, as this sybil is, but few are able to recognize the presence of God.
 How did Michaelangelo  know, and how was he able to portray that? 
Thats why he was a genious, clear and simple.

But now I have no time to continue to explore this painting, as I have to run around today. We are going on a family vacation on Saturday, just a cabin in Wisconsin. Listen to me...after my trip to Italy last month, now it is "just a cabin in Wisconsin". In the past it would have been the highlight of my whole year! How quickly we are spoiled!

I am packing and getting ready. It is so easy now that I just have Isabel at home.
She is a very self sufficient 14 year old.
We are going to get her uniform today for high school.
She starts freshman year in August.
I am bittersweet about it.
These transitions are hard for Lady Madonna.

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