Friday, March 22, 2013

Missing in action

I'm still here! I promise!
My 14 yr old daughter Isabel has just had knee surgery after she tore her ACL playing basketball.

Isabel having her dressing removed-we'll spare you the gory details!

Life has been a mess, and I have only had time to keep up with orders and check in once in a while.  She is a brave girl and I cannot believe what she has had to go through so far. And the therapy is just starting.
I have been playing with raised embroidery on wool felt whenever I can catch a moment.

I had the idea to create a wool embroidery piece for my soon-to-be-born grand daughter. My daughter is trying to put together a nursery with bright colors and a woodsy theme, so my mind  turned to the Waldorf inspired toys and rainbow palette. I have been having some fun with this!
Wool picture using a Salley Mavor pattern as a jumping off point
I will be framing this in a shadowbox type frame when completed
So that's where I've been.
 I am enjoying using the bright colors-makes me feel like spring will actually come!
 We have been having a really late winter with January type temperatures in March!
Hopefully that will end soon, I mean its almost Easter!


Vickie said...

Oh Annie! I feel so badly for Isabel. I have prayed for her. I did not realize we both have 14 year old daughters.
What beautiful embroidery.
We have the same wonderful weather as you. o_0

Margaret said...

Oh your poor daughter!! Ouch! It looks so painful, even without seeing the worst of it. I will send good thoughts and prayers for her recovery and PT.

Love that piece you are making for the future grandbaby! Beautiful!

Salley Mavor said...

Nice job on the wool hanging, Annie. Thanks for mentioning where you got the pattern!
Salley Mavor @

Karoline said...

I hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery

Your wool embroidery piece is very cute, perfect for a nursery

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh, poor Isabel! I hope she'll make s speedy recovery! Love your project for your future grand!

KittyAnnArt said...

So sorry to hear your daughter had to have surgery, no fun! I hope she is mending well and is keeping a good spirit.

My now 18 yo daughter had an accident whilst playing basketball also, when she was 15. She fractured two different finger bones on her left hand, the ring and pinky. Had to have metal screws put in to hold it all together. Thank goodness for an excellent surgeon. The PT for weeks and weeks was no fun but we go through it. It will get better as the temps warm up and all the flowers fill the land. Best, Ann