Friday, October 26, 2012

Silk Ribbon dolls reticule

Here is a quick pic of the dolls reticule I promised earlier today. 
It is for my doll Lily, which is a pattern I have been trying to rework. It is one of my earliest patterns, and the doll hair I used then is no longer available. I have tried to recreate the hairstyle using hair that is available today but I am not having much luck. Now I'm considering re-releasing the pattern with a bonnet. Seems like kind of a cop-out, but like I said, the hairstyle is almost impossible with what is available today.
Here she is:
 This is with the old hair, which was an awesome spun wool which was curled in a coil, and was all in one long piece. So with the new wool. which is shorter pieces, I could do a bonnet with a little hair showing at the top. I don't know, perhaps I'll keep exploring the yarns available out there.



Deb said...

Don't you just hate when they discontinue something that has worked so well in the past!!! I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be wonderful and her reticule is very pretty.

barbara said...

She is stunning, Annie!