Thursday, November 1, 2012

New offerings at TDIPT! And more!

For those of you hoping for a new doll, I DO apologize! 
I just couldn't get one done this month
with all of the unrelenting sports(Isabel) and being so sick.
But I do have some lovely snowmen up for adoption.

So click on over to 
and snatch these right up!

I am READY for the Christmas season, are you?
I LOVE to decorate for Christmas.
And this year with most of the kids out of the house I am going to really cull through all of my accumulated Christmas decorations and purge everything that is broken or that just doesn't sing to me.
I want to do a vintage white and sparkle theme this year. 
Yes, that what I'm going to call it...
Vintage White and Sparkle!
I just made that up right now! Ha!

Picture little glitter houses with bottle brush trees, 
lots of white sparkly garland, a beautiful feather tree,

 german blown glass ornaments...yes!
And of course, a sampler tree!
Filled with all of the needlework ornaments I have made over the years!

Add to all of this lots of beautiful silver vintage looking mercury glass-LOVE it!
Won't it be pretty! 
Are your Chritmas decorating juices flowing yet??


1 comment:

Cathy said...

OooOo I love it all, but especially that PM snowman and your gorgeous sampler tree! It's all beautiful! I do believe I'll be doing some pinning! ;)

Cathy ♥