Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer morning

After a good and restful nights sleep I am up early, said my morning prayers, took the dog for a long walk while its still sort of cool(not!) and now I'm ready for this:

Oh gosh-its not showing up too well. Gotta work on the photo editing a little more I guess. These are all little watercolors I did while I was on vacation.
If you were here girlfriends, I would offer this one to you!

 And we could sit on the back porch while the morning cool inches away from us
 and discuss the garden. 
We pulled 3~ 12 inch cucumbers off the vine last night! 
 The summer bounty is beginning!
 I have 2 wonderful basil plants too, and I'm going to try to make my own pesto.

I love summer!



Jan Conwell said...

I'm glad you love summer! I endure summer...but we live in south Texas. :~P

Just may take you up on that cuppa, though.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh this is an encouraging word....I love your watercolors! The tea cups, the cherries, the poppies.....they are beautiful! How do you do that? I'm amazed by artists like you. What a talent!

anniebeez said...

Jan I would love to sit on the porch for a cuppa with you! Of course we would discuss vintage dolls!

anniebeez said...

Thank you so much Sweet Bee! I enjoy your blog very much!