Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finding my way Part-1

I feel like every time I make a new post these days it is to assure you all that I am still here!

I have been on what I thought might be an artistic tangent-or another painting jag, as I have referred to it in the past. Every 18 months or so I just really feel the urge to paint and mess around with all of my fine art supplies. This time seems to be a little different. This time as I discovered art journaling I have come to realize that I need to make drawing a permanent, everyday part of my life. 

What is art journaling?

 What I have discovered is that it it something completely different than what I thought it was. I have kept a sketchbook all of my life. I have always used it as a place to just sketch out ideas and make some notes. There was rarely anything in it that was very developed, nothing more than quick thumbnail type sketches. I saved all of my more developed and elaborate work for finished pieces, either on canvas or a finished doll or some type of needlework piece.
And all of that is fine. 
But when I began to art journal, I found it was a place to play with techniques and ideas in and of themselves. I learned to go beyond the random sketches, but without the pressure of it being perfect the way a finished piece would be. For me it is a kind of inner ground or middle place. I can treat each page as a place to play with an idea and take it as far as I want it to go without the pressure of it having to be perfect.
I don't think I have ever really experienced this kind of artistic freedom before. 
Suddenly I was creating only for me,
not with the intention to sell it or even show it to anyone else! I didn't have the pressure of it having to be "good". It's not about that.
I feel like for the first time I have discovered how to practice the "work" of artwork.
 And it is a complete and utter joy!
I used to always feel a self imposed guilt for doing any artwork that wasn't going to eventually become something for the marketplace.
But now I am beginning to understand that all of this exploration and "play", which is the "work" of artwork, is what helps me bring my own authentic artistic voice to the marketplace. I'm finding out that it is necessary to my artistic development. And the fact that it is so fun and brings me so much joy is just icing on the cake! I thank God for that. He has given me the gift of artistic talent, and then provided a way for me to express it. And I think that when we live out what God has created us to do we cannot help but be joyful.
how does all of this translate into the life of a professional artist?
Well, I have some irons on the fire. Some fun plans for the future and things I would like to bring to you, my wonderful friends and patrons.
They are mostly doll related. 
Stay tuned, I will reveal more in part 2 of this post!



Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like you are on a wonderful journey! I can't wait to see the dolls your imagination leads you to create!

opal ogre said...

Thankyou for sharing :) The art journal sounds like a wonderful Idea, I am inspired to start my own