Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am making an Alice in Wonderland doll this week.

Why is her head so round? I don't know.
She needs some hair, I agree. 
But alas, She is oil painted and will take forever to dry.
I even used an alkyd white-mixed with just about everything.
That does speed up the drying time, but only a little.
Ah! I do love oils!


gypsy rose said...

She's beautiful (even with no hair)

Marti said...

Hope she dries quickly, I can't wait to see her all finished.

Mary @ Colony Mountain... said...

Alice does look so beautiful done in oils...even without hair.

Ruth B said...

With a head like that, who needs hair? What a gorgeous face. Can't wait to see her when she is fancy.

Jan Conwell said...

Bald is beautiful, baby! :~P

KiDsCrEaTiVeChAos said...

Love, love, love, your blog. I've been stumbling and found you. In a past life I was an avid doll collector and I love folk art. Superb art. Hope you'll stop by, I do a Wordless Wednesday ~ it is a great way to gain new readers. I'd love for you to link up a beautiful doll face :-)