Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prepare the stable of your heart for Christmas

Yesterday my daughters and husband and I went 
into Chicago with the youth group from our parish 
to work in the soup kitchen of the 
Sisters of Charity.
These are Mother Teresa's nuns, 
and the kitchen was opened
by Mother Teresa herself.
(That's my hubby up there on the right.)
I can't tell you what this experience has done for me, 
to take me away from the cares and silly concerns of my everyday life,
and help those who are truly in need.
(Thats one of my daughters cheesing on the left.)
It really put things into perspective and I had the anticipation
of the coming of my Lord Jesus on my mind all day.
I felt so close to Him while I was there, 
and so thankful for everything He has done in my life 
and the wonderful people He has given me to love!
I hope you all have a blessed Christmas! 
I hope you feel the joy of Him in your heart always!
God Bless You
Merry Christmas!


ArtyMarti said...

You found the perfect way to share God's love--helping the unfortunate among us.
Merry Christmas.

Tracey said...

What an uplifting experience! God bless you this Christmas and in the new year. :)

Evelene S said...

Service is our way of expressing our love to our Heavenly Father and to always remember "To Love One Another." I am stopping by from Jenny of Elephantz and she wrote a wonderful article on copyrights. You and Jenny were not violating any copyrights and so I am happy that I will be getting your design in my next issue of Elephantz Magazine! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! You and Jenny are an inspiration of how to handle criticism and negativity with grace. Thanks for the wonderful example! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a precious gift for your family to be able to work beside such wonderful women.
God bless you and your family, Annie, and may the joy of the Lord be yours in abundance this Blessed season of Advent.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! May you and yours have a bessed Christmas!


Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas to you too. You have the true spirit of Christmas!

Feathers in the Nest

Barefoot Primitives said...

Servant leadership is a blessed and humbling thing. My husband and I help at the local soup kitchen and it always makes me feel so lifted up! Have a very blessed Christmas! Debbie