Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New dolls on TDIPT this month!

Meet Adaline!

This pretty girl is special to me; her hair was inspired by my own dd Isabel, who wears her hair with a side ponytail quite often. She also has naturally curly hair, something her sister and I are highly jealous of!!  AND, we just put in a raised bed of strawberries this year, so I made these little cotton and wool berries in anticipation of our future strawberries!! LOL! See all the details of sweet little Adaline here, at TDIPT!
After the long cold and snowy winter a lot of us have had here in the US, this little ladybug is here to remind us of the warm and wonderful summer days ahead of us!(we haven't seen much yet as we seem to be experiencing the "rainy season" here in the midwest). So think picnics and grilling and lemonade!! LOL! I think this little gal would look so awesome adorning a screen door this summer! Details and close-ups can be seen here at TDIPT.
So that is some of what I have been working on.
Thanks for looking!


Fretta said...

lovely work!

Margaret said...

Oh, they're wonderful!

lizy b said...

What lovely ladies you've created! The look like they'd have fabulous life stories.

Steve Finnell said...

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