Monday, April 11, 2011

I have been MIA! So sorry!

its only because I have been having fun! fun!fun!
  Here is an update on the unicorn sampler, I am still working on this row that has lots and lots of queen stitch!!
I am determined to get this row finished so I can move on to the next, less tedious band. I do love those french knot strawberries though!
MD1660 Unicorn Sampler by the Scarlet Letter
And I have also been working on the Pinkes Sampler by Darleen Osteen.
All of these flowers are done in reversable cross stitch, which actually has a nice rhythm to it once you get used to it.
There are these gorgeous white work dividing bands done in #12 perle cotton. My lighting was really bad, we have had a lot of rain and overcast days, so you can hardly see them. I will try to get a good picture when I get a better day. But trust me, they are really pretty the way they catch the light!

And last but not least, I have gone wool crazy!
I have spent a couple of nights with Joanne Mulally's Wool Crazy book, my favorite hero Horatio Hornblower, and some beautiful wool!
This is what I have come up with so far!
This is my first block of a 4 block wool crazy quilt. Each block is 24" X 24", and they are seasonal. this one is spring.
This project is fun, fun, fun! I can hardly put it down!!!

So thats what I have been doing in my spare time;  and in my work time I have been coming up with new dolls and woolie pin cushions for TDIPT at the end of the month, and new cross stitch charts to be released very soon! 
Thanks for visiting my blog, and I enjoy every single comment, so don't hesitate to leave me one!!


Margaret said...

Oh my! You are so talented! I love your Unicorn piece so much! The Darlene O'Steen piece is wonderful too! And your wool crazy quilt! Wow! It's fantastic! Can't wait to see more!

staci said...

Wow, that sampler is so intricate and amazing! You are extremely talented (and patient!)

Kathy Ellen said...

Your "wool crazy quilt" is just so unique, and I especially love the piece with the sheep jumping over the flowers in the meadow. Your stitching is gorgeous!

mainely stitching said...

Everything is beautiful, but the O'Steen project just knocks my socks off!

Siobhan said...

Everything is so pretty, Annie! I love love love your Wool Crazy quilt. I've been wanting to do that since it came out but the cost of another hobby has stopped me. I'll enjoy watching your progress!