Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm thinking about it!

I know, I must be crazy!! That is why it is called the Crazy January 2011 Challenge! I must be out of my mind! I don't have time for this!I need to be stitching models, not stitching for myself! LOL! I first heard about this when Siobhan mentioned it on the Sampler Lovers Forum. My first reaction was, "wow that is nuts, but I have so many beloved charts I would like to stitch..." I thought about it some more. I went to the original blog post to read up on the rules. Siobhan mentioned it AGAIN on her blog(enabler alert!). And now my thinking is getting serious! OK, here are the rules:
  • We have so many charts in our stashes, so let's start stitching them!
    The rules are simple:

    1. Start stitching a new design every day, from January 1st to January 15th. So by January 15th you have 15 new WIPs to stitch!

    2. Try and finish everything you started stitching during the year 2011 :)

    3. Show photos in your blog if you have one, in January and during the whole year while you stitch, as we all love to see photos!

    4. If you wish to join, leave a comment with your blog address into this post and I will add your name to the list.

    5. Have fun stitching!
(from ristipistoni blog)
 The thing is I love stitching! And I love stitching designs from other designers as much as and sometimes MORE than my own designs. Stitching other peoples designs is what keeps me happy and motivated. It is also what keeps me from releasing new charts every month which is my seemingly unattainable goal! But when I look at my huge stash of charts and kits, I think to myself-I will never get all of these stitched. Maybe I will and maybe I won't but wouldn't it be better to at least have more of them started? I am still thinking(justifying) on this!
  Here is the cutest picture of Isabel and my little Carmel Delight taking a nap together. She is the sweetest pup ever-we all just love her!


Hazel said...

I am one of those who is both intrigued and horrified at the idea. I have thought about it but in reality I know it would not be good for my health to start that many projects in such a short time so I won't be joining in. I like to pick what I want... when I want. Be interesting to see what you decide. Cute doggie pic. x

Jan said...

LOL Annie, all I can say is you are braver then I am...but if you decide to go for it, I will be smiling you through the whole process!!!

Love your new puppy, what a baby doll!