Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some works in progress

 This is my progress on And They Sinned... I really love this sampler, I love how cute and primitive it is and I can't wait to finish it because it will make a HUGE statement where ever I hang it! For those of you not familiar with this sampler, the finished piece is over 5 feet tall!
 This is my oldest WIP. It is a sampler designed by Nancy Sturgeon (Threads Through Time) for a guild I used to belong to called Fox Valley Embroiderers guild. It was an anniversary sampler, designed way back in 1992!! So ok, this WIP is at least 18 years old!! LOL! The verse reads: With needle and thread we create patterns of friendship in our lives. I still really like this sampler and want to finish it in 2011!! I will probably change some of the greens in it to a more prim look.

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love is colder than death said...

how interesting and so old-fashioned :))