Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Here are some pics of my garden, which is growing like gangbusters this year!! My pole beans are reaching over their 6 foot support. 

My cucumbers have exploded with blossoms! Yeah! We will have pickles this year!
 Here is a picture of the healthier of the only 2 sunflowers that made it past the seedling stage. I didn't do well with seedlings this year, and had to buy most of my plants. It kind of feels like cheating to me. Next year I am going to use my brother's greenhouse to start my seeds, so they get enough light.
 We have already decided to double our garden space next year. There just isn't enough room. I also want to separate out my herbs and put them in their own plot. a lot of them are getting overshadowed by some of the larger plants. You learn a little more every year!

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Nancy said...

How fun, and congratulations on your successful gardening! Happy 4th of July!