Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Donabe pot

Yesterday we went to the Japanese supermarket to get some goodies for my daughter's birthday dinner, and while I was there I bought a Donabe pot. This is a japanese pot to make a one-pot dinner in, like soup with lots of veggies and maybe some type of seafood. We use it for ramen and miso. You can actually use these right on the stove to make rice or what ever. I wanted to get it primarily for my 11 yr. old who comes home from school starving every day! So now instead of some fattening , unhealthy snack, she can have ramen noodles with sauteed veggies. Its so fun to put the lid on and wait 3 minutes and the lift the lid to the wonderful smell and delight of a healthy snack! The one I bought is a lot cuter-it has little bunnies painted on it. I will try to get a picture later today. We also bought new chopsticks and these super-cute little ceramic origami crane chopstick holders! Love it!
Todays lunch! Yum!!!!

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Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love your bunny pot and the quilt placemat it's sitting on is really pretty too - as are the cranes! I think I'd have to buy several of those pots though - they're really cute!