Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Ebay wanderings...

I like this leprechaun:

Hootnhollar leprechaun

Lovely set of early looking black dolls inspired by Izannah Walker:



I hope they sell to the same bidder-it seems a shame to seperate them!

This angel is super pretty, and I like the way she seems to suggest movement. Very nicely done:

Flying Angel

Here is another pretty doll from Back in the Day, an ice princess. I love the bottle brush wreath!

Ice princess

Oh heavens! I love this briar rabbit from Veenas Mercantile! A prototype designed for Bethany Lowe! You go Veena! He looks so cute perched on his box! How did she do it?

Briar Rabbit

This guy is cute, nice starting price:


I like this moon man too:

Moon Man

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