Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little piecing going on

NOW, how do I quilt it?

To answer Nancy's question, yes this is my original design. Thank you for asking!

Edited to add:
Yes I will be marketing this design, and you guessed it, it is the first of a series of seasonal pillows. Thank you so much for your comments and questions, it really helps to keep me enthused as I work here in my studio alone. :)


Melody said...

Lovely design. I think it was on Bunny Hill's blog that I seen where someone crosshatched right over the stitchery and it looked fabulous.

Nancy said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for answering my question. Is this a design that you will be selling? Will there be a seasonal series?

Nancy said...

I look forward to this and to seeing what the other seasons will bring! I love doing embroidery for a change.

Jan said...

Annie, this is really, really lovely!!

VickieV said...

Wonderful Annie! Great design!