Friday, June 19, 2009


First of all, thank you for all of the dear comments about our beloved dog whom we lost this week. I appreciate your sentiments so much. He will be missed, and after 17 years it is just weird not to have him here! There is definitely an emptiness without him.

I love tea! I love to make myself a pot of tea in the afternoon, sit down and pick up my latest embroidery. I do not have a nice tea set, what I do have is a mish-mash of tea components that do not match! I have a silver tea tray(not real silver), a blue floral tea pot, a little glass creamer, a pink floral tea bag holder(which I usually use to set my spoon on) and a set of real china tea cups from Japan with a gorgeous rose pattern(which my mother-in-law brought from Japan when she came here and has now given to me). But I enjoy this little collection almost every day.I am saving up to buy this tea set:

I really like these:
I have ordered the pattern and intend to make these for myself. I love the Crab Apple Hill patterns-they are all so cute! Do you ever do this type of stitchery? I like it as a break from cross stitch once in a while. I goes very, very fast. It seems I always get the urge to do this type of stitchery in the summer.
And almost every August I get the urge to work on a quilt.I never finish any quilt though, maybe this will be the year! I have one started from last year, a Blackbird design. I should really drag it out and get started on it.
Well thanks for putting up with my meandering thoughts. :)


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your sweet Jippy!

Your new design looks great... looking forward to seeing the whole thing :)

CindyMae said...

That is a gorgeous tea set!

Marie-P said...

I too love CrabApple Hill. I have so many of their large stitchery designs but have not started them. I just bought the Tea Towel Pattern pictured but again, I have not started them. I guess you could call me a collector of patterns!