Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Epiphany about my Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Last night I went to my embroiderer's guild, and a lady there was working on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. She was working it on 32ct. mushroom lugana with 2 strands of DMC. It was outragiously beautiful!!!I felt inspired to pull Houses out again when I got home, and when I did my heart sank. I realized why I have been working this so slowly and why it is not a satisfying stitch. I have been working it on 40ct. with 1 strand of silk. The coverage is really skimpy, and the fabric shows through. It looks awful. It does not have that graphic folky look like it should. I never realized it until I saw how beautiful hers was. Man!

What to do!

Do I start completely over? I only have 4 1/2 houses done, so it is not an unthinkable idea. Actually I have already decided that I AM going to start over.

Do I use 2 strands of the Soie D'Alger I have been using, and then replenish when I run out? Clearly I will not have enough for 2 strands, so this is going to be an issue. Or should I switch to good ole DMC. I can always use the silk somewhere else.I am definitely goin to stitch Shores and Village at some point, and after seeing hers in DMC, I think it looks beautiful. Hmmmm.


Barbara said...

It's interesting to hear you say this - I recently started SOHRH using 1 strand over 2 on 40 count and although I find the coverage acceptable, the piece just looks too washed out to me. I usually love the look of 1-over-2 on a high count linen, but you're right - it doesn't work for these designs. I think I'm going to start over, too! Thanks!

anniebeez said...

Exactly Barbara, its too washed out!

Cindy said...

I have learned from my experience that no matter what other people tell you, if you are that unhappy with a piece, just start over! You will make yourself feel better and of course, be happier with the finished product! It is a truly lovely design!

Brigitte said...

This is such a beautiful design and you have to put so much work in it that you should stitch it the way you like it best. I love a good coverage and I sometimes even love to have a certain bulkiness. That's why I stitch my Houses with two DMC threads on 36ct Edinbourgh linen. It looks great for me.