Monday, December 8, 2008

December Goals and 2009 plans

I am a little late to be posting December goals, as it is already the 8th, but I am going to do it anyway as an attempt to get myself more organized. I am in full stitching mode again and I have several goals in that regard for next year. I also have joined a WIP elimination group on Legacy, so I am going to "fess" up and post that here as well.

December Goals:

1.Marriage of the Minds:do a daily strand
2. Pinkes Sampler:dividing band 2 and 3, rows 2 and 3
3.Mary Tavish(model stitching):focus project, complete 5 hours before working on anything else.
4.Biscornu, design for my guild and send to model stitcher
5.Golden Age sampler: frog out mistakes.

Here is my WIP elimination list for 2009. These are my top 10 WIPS.(yes I have more than 10, but we won't talk about that right now!)

1)Marriage of the Minds, Drawn Thread~I am about 80% of the way finished. Really want to finish this in 2009 for my 25th anniversary. I started it for my 20th!

2)Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, CHS~a little less than 30% done, as I am on the last house in the top row. I would truly love to see a finish on this one as I have been working on it for about 3 years, 2009 will be 4!

3)Golden Age Sampler, Sharon Cohen~I am stuck and need a little help/practice with the detached buttonhole. I hope to get some help with this one at the sampler guild next spring. I truly love this sampler and have been in love with it since 1995!

4)Her Majesty's Glove, Sharon Cohen~50% done and I love this one, I really want to complete it! This is a smaller project, and I feel I can start one of Sharon's sweet bags if I finish this one.

5)The Unicorn Sampler, Scarlet Letter~about 20% complete.

6)And They Sinned, Dames of the Needle~barely begun, but I love this one and I already know where I want to hang it!

7)Days of Advent,Mary Beale~only the first block is done. I am really uninspired to finish this, but feel I must because it cost me a small fortune as I bought all of the silks for it.

8)The Pinkes Sampler Project, Darlene Osteen~about 10% complete. I just started this one and I'm really into it, so it will probably be my first finish.

9)Song of the Sea, Ruth Ann Russell~a very old WIP, about 90% completed, I've GOT to finish this one!

10)Angel of Spring, Lavender and Lace~this is for my mom and really needs to go to the top of the list!

Aside from all of this, I also plan to get at least one doll completed for sale a month. I am focusing right now on the embroidered and colored pencil enhanced, old fashioned girl dolls for the moment. They are the ones I most enjoy making.

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Jeanne said...

I saw your WIP list on the Legacy board. If it helps, I recently put up a couple of tutorials on detached buttonhole on my blog, and I'm working on a couple more. See

Good luck, both with the detached buttonhole and the rest of your WIPs!