Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News and Correction!

The mess I make runnin' my little business!

Well the orders are almost ALL FILLED! Yay! But on the downside! :( Mary Kathryn emailed me with a correction to one of my charts! Wow! I try so hard not to make mistakes but the Good Lord is bent on keeping me humble. :)

NW~07 American Promenade
The model WAS stitched on 28 count CASHEL linen! As MK rightly pointed out, there is no such thing as 28 ct. Belfast! hehe! Thanks Mary Kathryn, I truly appreciate you taking the time to point this out to me! Sorry folks, hope it hasn't caused too much confusion!

As for the news:
I am now working on opening a new website! Since I closed my old site in July I have really missed it and find that working through s blog is just not as effective. So I am getting a new site ready that will feature all of my patterns. I confess that in the future I will not be selling much finished work. The times are just too hard and I cannot get the return for my time investment. So it will be mostly patterns and charts from here forward. My new slogun:

Annie Beez Folk Art
Patterns and Charts for the Needlearts!



Barbara said...

Aw, that's hardly an error! LOL!

Dixie Redmond said...

Nice slogan, Annie! I understand about not being able to get the return for the investment of your time! :-) Good luck getting your site together.